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Steve Ashburn has several business interests. In 2003 he founded PrivaFone Corporation in Texas with the purpose of developing cryptographic software that users could download onto their cell phones to secure phone calls.

In 2005 he started working on a PC-based secure VoIP application using sipXtapi as the code base.  This will be a really nice application once he gets it finished, and will feature highly secure communications, resistant to attack due to adequate private key lengths.

In the future, his company will be developing a PBX server that users can upload to any website in the world, as well as porting the PC app to mobile operating systems.  This will afford users the possibility of truly secure, anonymous and covert communication.

The website for this project is

In 2008 he also developed a forensic test kit and associated chemical technology under the brand name InSite. The purpose was to help investigators in infidelity investigations. He holds one US patent and has two other patent applications pending on his diagnostic test strips. The website for this project is

He started writing The Next Nuclear War in 2013 because of an end-times thesis he developed while reading various Old Testament prophecies, in particular Ezekiel 29. Once the reality of this thesis became apparent, he then carefully read all the other prophetic books in the Old Testament, and sure enough many of them described the same end-times (Psalm 83) battle against Israel, and fit neatly within a 40-year timeline. Besides being born again, his faith generally can be described by the Baptist Faith and Message, which can be viewed here.

Steve earned a B.A. in chemistry & biochemistry from Rice University and a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  He completed three postdoctoral research fellowships and worked for three different corporations.  He also attended medical school for three years at Saint Louis University. 

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Feb. 21, 2018

End Times Dawning has been released! This book is a practical explanation of the end times, with a timeline for key events such as the rapture and the second coming of Christ.

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May 22, 2014

Steve Ashburn releases his book, The Next Nuclear War, a concise overview of Scripture relating to the end times.

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