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 The Next Nuclear War is Now in Print

 May 22, 2014


Steve Ashburn is pleased to announce that his book, The Next Nuclear War: Are We on the Edge of the End Times? has been published by Deep River Books. This book is a carefully researched and documented overview of Scripture relating to the end times. The book features: 

         The definition of “end times” and similar terms in the Bible which relate to a 40-year period of history which ends human self-government and begins government under the Lord Jesus Christ himself.

         The role of various nations such as Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Lebanon, Syria, Gaza and West Bank which the Bible describes as attacking Israel at the beginning of this end times conflict.

         The role of the United States as leader of the coalition invasions of Iraq (1991 and 2003) as described in Jeremiah, and the U.S. described as a nation in Isaiah. 

         The sequence of four world powers during the end times according to the Book of Daniel.

        The Russian invasion of Israel as described in Ezekiel 38-39.

         A detailed description of the Antichrist, including probable place of birth and role in the end times—and possibly how to identify him right now.

         A detailed description of the false prophet including his probable place of birth and physical identifying features.

        A general time frame for the rapture.

         The teachings of Jesus about the end times and his admonition to watch and pray.


The author believes that the beginning of the end times is imminent (most likely within the next couple of decades) and that the beginning of this time period will mark "the beginning of sorrows" which Jesus mentioned in the Olivet Discourse. Along with a nuclear war in the Middle East, we also will see great earthquakes, famines, pestilences, astronomical signs and political and economic problems. Some of these signs—for example, severe drought, and economic and political problems—already have begun.

The end times definitely will be a game changer. When this time period actually begins, many people will recognize the signs around them for what they are—the fulfillment of ancient Bible prophecy—and that Jesus in fact is returning in just a few short years to judge the earth and rule over it. The book is meant to alert people to this fact, so that they may order their hearts and their minds so as be ready to meet the Lord when he comes! 

Inquiries from the press are cordially invited. Download the media kit here.

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May 22, 2014

Steve Ashburn releases his book, The Next Nuclear War, a concise overview of Scripture relating to the end times.

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